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Steve Kanters C.P.A.

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Welcome!  Thank-you for visiting my new and improving webpage. If there is something particular you're looking for and don't find it, please e-mail me and tell me what it is.  Perhaps I'll add it to this web site. 

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My Mission

To give year-round, quality, and reliable tax and accounting services.  Special emphasis on assisting start-ups with proper record keeping - primarily geared toward computers.   

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Waukesha South - 1970  High School Reunion

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  1. I've added some pictures (6/02/00) under the personal section of biographical. 

  2. I've been working on the FAQs for tax and hope to have it up in about a week to 10 days. This will be an on going effort. 

  3. Cost comparison chart for accounting software - see the Computer section, updated December 2001. 

  4. 10/19/00 Additions to FAQs. Tax info section started. 

  5. 12/02/00 See the NEWS section for a change in employment tax deposits. 

  6. 12/15/02 See FAQ for mileage update for 2002 and 2003.

  7. 01/19/06  Free Tax service available - updated - read the details 

  8. 11/28/2001 New additions to FAQ section

  9. 01/31/2002 Added two links to message boards for Quickbooks users - see the Computer section, near the bottom. 

  10. 01/22/2003 Find out if Charitable organization (501(c)(3)) is listed with the IRS.

  11. 01/23/2003 Added links to several organizations that give guidelines to the fair market value of non-cash items donated to charitable organizations. See the FAQ section, item 10

  12. 01/01/2004 Health Saving Account (HSA) - more to follow after April 15, 2004

  13. Need help with accounting - visit for assistance in accounting.

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Contact Information

You may call me any time between 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (pacific coast time) or e-mail me any time. I check my e-mail frequently throughout the day. 

(360) 683-8732
(360) 683-8734
Postal address
225 N. Sequim Ave.
          Sequim, WA  98382-3456               
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This is sunrise in Sequim during tax season 2000. Rare snow fall in Sequim January 28, 2002 Rare snow fall in Sequim January 28, 2002
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