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This is a brief description of the service ...

Key Benefits

Assistance with implementing the accounting software.
Easily available by telephone or in the office for follow up with newly installed accounting software. 
Significant experience with Quickbooks. If you would like to know the difference between the Pro version and the non-Pro version let me know and I'll either e-mail or fax you the chart off the back of the product box. I currently assist clients who are using versions 5.0, 6.0, 1999, 2000, and 2001.
Assistance with spreadsheet construction.
Advise as to how to get more out of your computer. 
Analysis of current computer needs (upgrade vs. purchase new).

I assist businesses with Quickbooks (all versions), Peachtree, and M.Y.O.B.

Cost comparisons.1 All prices are for a single user, PC compatible copy.

  Quickbooks Basic 20032,4 Quickbooks Pro 20032,4 Quickbooks Basic  20022 Quickbooks Pro 20022 Quickbooks Premier 20032,4 Peachtree Complete  Accnting 2003 Peachtree First Accounting 2003 M.Y.O.B. Accounting Plus 10
Costco - Sequim   December 2002     $149.99 - 80.00 mfg upgrade rebate $209.99 - $100.00 mfg upgrade rebate        
pcconnection.com December  2002   $279.95 - $120.00 mfg upgrade rebate $179.95 - $80.00 mfg upgrade rebate $249.95 - $100.00 mfg upgrade rebate $419.00 - $120.00 mfg upgrade rebate $279.95 - $80.00 mfg upgrade rebate $99.95 $182.95 no mention of rebate, so inquire.
egghead.com3   December 2002 $189.99 - $100.00 mfg upgrade rebate   $179.99 - $80.00 mfg upgrade rebate. $229.99 - $100.00 mfg  upgrade rebate  $399.99 - $120.00 mfg upgrade rebate


Staples - Sequim August 2002     $179.95 - $80.00 mfg upgrade rebate. $249.95  -  $100.00 mfg upgrade rebate.     $89.97  

1Don't forget to consider  shipping costs when buying on-line.

2The payroll tax table must be purchased for an additional $129 in order to take full advantage of the payroll features Quickbooks has to offer. QuickBooks 1999 will no longer be able to get tax tables after calendar year 2002.

3Egghead early in 2001 had filed for bankruptcy protection. I don't recall all the details, but Amazon.com paid $6 million for some of their assets. The egghead link listed above actually takes you to Amazon.com. 

4Available for shipment December 22, 2002 per pcconnection web site. 

SUPPORT - there is a good web site at  http://www.quickbooks.com/support/boards/index.html that contains a message board regarding problems/issues and the Quickbook products. Another message board can be found to help Quickbooks users at this link. 

Quickbooks comparison charts available at Intuit. 

Peachtree comparison chart available at Peachtree. 

NOTE: Be sure to read closely the rebate qualifications. They don't always apply. 



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Last modified: December 05, 2002