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Pictures of our dog (Kyra). We have a lot. 
Kyr_back.jpg (21138 bytes)One of Kyra's traditional poses.  K_inbetw.jpg (20024 bytes)In between clients. K_wait.jpg (93502 bytes)Waiting anxiously for the next client.  K_Pup.jpg (91970 bytes)About 2 months old (4/99).
K_ball.jpg (109086 bytes)Kyra likes to play ball on the stairs.  K_cigar.jpg (107266 bytes)It looks like a cigar, but it's a bone.  K_Port.jpg (106676 bytes)One of her better poses. K_Lap.jpg (24138 bytes)Kyra still trying to be a lap dog. 
K_Tulip.jpg (90850 bytes)Kyra and the tulips (4/99). Kyra.jpg (94581 bytes)Just a nice picture of Kyra and her squeaky toys. Kyra2.jpg (48821 bytes)She loves the couches and chairs.  K_stuff.jpg (26993 bytes)She is never far from a squeaky toy. 
K_Buck.jpg (198611 bytes)Kyra's first backpacking trip June 30 - July 3, 2000 One of Kyra many provocative poses - early 2004 Tax season 2004- Kyra watching the world go by In between clients





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