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This page will periodically show pictures of our garden. 

The concept is simple - have something continually going on. Through out the year generally there is something happening in the garden. Whether it is a new smell, the winter heather blooming, the azaleas fading or the roses and rhododendrons coming on there is indeed almost always something happening. We have received some very nice comments from passer-bys. It is the generous comments we have received that motivates me to stay on top of it or at least try. Note: I am not a gardener, but I am a pretty good weeder. 

One of the biggest changes to the garden area in recent years was the replacement of the front porches. We removed the existing porches and have a single unified porch with a wheelchair ramp.  Hopefully, the fall pictures will show the new look. There should be a minimal disruption to the garden itself.

Gar_953.jpg (85278 bytes)This is 11/95 when we started the project. Gar_952.jpg (64348 bytes)Nov. '95 the approach to the house. Gar_95.jpg (80016 bytes)Another view of the house (11/95).
Gar_399.jpg (33018 bytes)Front view (Mar 1998)

Gar_499.jpg (29650 bytes)Another front view (Mar or Apr 1998)

Gar_sid2.jpg (26546 bytes)Front side view (~Sept 1998) Gar_side.jpg (27620 bytes)Side view (~fall 1998)
Gar_6002.jpg (68645 bytes)06/00 under all that clematis is a fence. 


Gar_6003.jpg (89827 bytes)06/00 the misc section


Gar_6004.jpg (52321 bytes)06/00 a couple of the many roses. 


Gar_600.jpg (71922 bytes)Over the arbor  are wisteria and clematis
Porch1.jpg (120818 bytes)New porch under construction 9/00. Porch2.jpg (38147 bytes)Another view of porch under construction 9/00. Por_1101.jpg (40063 bytes)The porch 99% complete 11/00. Por_1100.jpg (64621 bytes)The porch 99% complete 11/00.
Gar_6005.jpg (109457 bytes)This is the garden outside Anne's therapy room. View is from up above. gar601a.jpg (48726 bytes)Early June 2001 gar601b.jpg (34438 bytes)Early June 2001 gar601c.jpg (40665 bytes)Early June 2001


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