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Assist individuals and businesses complete their necessary tax returns. Including electronic filing for individuals. Calculate estimated income tax payments (sometimes referred to as quarterly payments). 



Assist individuals and businesses with computer accounting programs, such as, Quickbooks and Peachtree. In addition, I teach people how to use spreadsheets (Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel). I am always looking for ways to automate a task. 



I do not do a lot of report writing, but I am capable of preparing reviews and compilations. 


Record Keeping

Some areas which individuals have requested my help: Payroll tax setup, assisting with payroll reporting forms, and how to handle a unique transaction. 


Assist seniors (Elder Care) generally    (no specific page exists yet 10/19/00)

I have been helping seniors in a variety of ways, from tax return preparation to assisting them with bill payments. I have helped individuals regarding telephone bill interpretation to calculating whether an assisting living situation is affordable. I can work with family members and/or seniors directly. My primary goal in this area is to maintain the respect and dignity of the individual(s). It is very hard for some people to admit they may need some help. This can be a very big hurdle. 




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